Wednesday, September 01, 2004

hi, my name is joy, i've got a wife and two kids and i work in a button factory...

Introductions are for AA meetings and college professors. Instead, I'll dive head first into the pithy comments that will most likely make up the meat of this blog. If you are reading this in the near future, you probably know me. If you are reading this in the distant future, you are either an admirer reading up on the makings of a legend or a mourner recovering from my untimely death in ski doo accident while vacationing in Aruba with Gwynnie and Chris Martin. If no one is reading this at all, or if you some how accidentally ended up on this page with your brainless clicking, click, click, click, then my suspicions are confirmed and I'm just another egomaniacal slacker of privelege taking up space on Al Gore's internet. But I do promise you this: This is a Paris Hilton free site. Starting now. Wait, wait, in case you hadn't heard, she lost her dog, named Tinkerbell, but then she found him so everything is now right with the world. Okay, starting now.


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