Saturday, October 02, 2004

The Rum Diaries, the less exciting version

Okay, so I have officially put my demographic to shame. Sara, Bexx and I went out for Bexx's b-day last night. After some Indian food at "the cockroach" (don't ask), we went to drink the obligatory birthday drinks at Trader Vick's. The various forms of rum punch served there are good, but they wouldn't be have as good without being served in giant communal porcelin tikki god bowls with long straws and white orchids floating inside. After we got a little rum buzz going, we headed over to Lenny's for dance night and caught the last couple songs of the Weezer cover band performing there. Drank some more rum (this time mixed in boring plastic cups with boring old coke), danced a little dance, harassed the PBR rep guy for more free armbands, then realized that it was only 1:00 and I was sleepy instead of drunk and that working a 9-5 job is a good excuse for my already sadly lacking night life.

Today Pat and I are going to Marshall's to buy him a new shirt and tie for the wedding we're going to tommorow night. We might as well just change our names to Walter and Betty and move to Lake Altoona for an early retirement.